Respect Protein: The Most Complete and Best Tasting Protein on the market today.

When looking for the solutions to our new years resolutions, we do alot of research as to what we need to include in our daily programs, that being said a great tasting, high quality protein is a must in any persons weight loss regimine.

Pride Nutritions Respect Protein has:

30 single servings a container

2 delicious flavors Vanilla and Chocolate ( My favorite is the chocolate)

1 G of Carbs and 0 G of Fat

1 G of Fiber

RESPECT PROTEIN is loaded with three superior forms of protein, CFM Whey Protein Isolate(fast breakdown), Egg Albumen(medium breakdown) and Micellar Casein(slow breakdown) that synergistically help create a timed release effect to help allow for maximum protein absorption and digestion.

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